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Front PTO (Power Take Off) Flail Mower

Price: £1327.74
Front PTO (Power Take Off) Flail Mower

This front PTO (Power Take Off) flail mower features a perfectly balanced rotor & double pivot blade attachments to eliminate blade breakage, excessive wear & rotor damage! The high blade tip speed & floating top hitch allows for an absolute uniform cut & the clockwise rotation assures a safe, clean finish cut. May be front or rear tractor mounted. This flail mower has a highly engineered gearbox, 2 heavy-duty reinforced notched belts with an automatic tensioner, a 3-point hitch with floating top link, a heavy-duty shielded PTO, a heavy-duty 1 piece balanced steel pulleys, an adjustable cutting height roller with scraper & a powder coated, hard wearing finish. Product Specifications: Cutting heights: 25-125 millimetres Working width: 1500 millimetres Overall width: 1650 millimetres Rotor speed: 2278rpm Blade tip speed: 45.3mps Number of blades: 64 Delivered rear mount ready but can be reversed. ....(continued here)


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