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1250 millimetres Flail Mower

Price: £939.99
1250 millimetres Flail Mower

Like all flail mowers, this Hymari model is designed to cut both grass and scrub effectively, and the flails mean that stones or other obstacles are not a problem.

It features a cutting height range between 25-150mm, and gives a very fine finish when used on grass or other ground covers.

The flail mower is PTO powered with a shear pin protected PTO shaft, and features a 1.25m cutting width, so it's ideal for use with a small tractor unit.

As you can see from the photos, this flail mower comes in a hard wearing red finish and features a robust rear roller.

HP Required: 16-20HP
RPM: 540
No. Of Blades: 26
Dimensions: 1340 x 700 x 520mm (L x W x H)
Full 12 months parts warranty ....(continued here)


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