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1650 millimetres Flail Mower

Price: £1151.49
1650 millimetres Flail Mower

Designed for thick grass / light scrub cutting + maintenance, these heavy duty machines cope with the most difficult conditions & will pulverise a variety of grasses, ferns, gorse, bramble & other ground covers. Product Specifications: Supplied with Y shaped flails & a shear-pin protected PTO (Power Take Off) shaft Leaves a fine finish when cutting grass / other ground covers HP Required: 30-45HP RPM: 540 No. Of Blades: 26 Cut Height: 25-150 millimetres Width of cut: 1.65m Dimensions: 1740 by 700 by 520 millimetres (L by W by H) 1 year parts warranty ....(continued here)


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